• Eleven Plus Focused

    Complete coverage of Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths.

  • Ultimate Revision Resources

    Over 150 engaging and supportive video tutorials. Including access to exam style questions with real time correction and automated marking.

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    Watch through and replay any one of our video lessons as many times as you want.

Meet The Team

  • Helen Tanner

    Helen has a BA in History from the University of Sheffield and a PGCE from the University of York. With years of experience, Helen has successfully worked as Head of Department, leading students to high levels of attainment across several different age ranges. As a teacher and content creator, she focuses on producing engaging and thought-provoking material that allows students to work to the very best of their ability.

  • Aneira Roose-McClew

    Aneira has a BA in English Literature and Language from the University of Oxford, and a PGCE in secondary English. She’s been working in education for the past eight years both in the classroom, as an English teacher, and beyond, as a creative writing specialist and GCSE examiner. In her current role as an education consultant, she focuses on creating educational resources that are stimulating and fun.

  • Hamzah Baig

    Hamzah founded Study Hat with the mission of providing an easy-to-use service, helping to enhance students learning ability. He has a background in content creation dedicated to delivering content for tech enthusiasts and savvy millennials. Combining those two forces, Hamzah sets the company direction, ensuring that we provide the utmost value to our growing community of Study Hat learners.

  • George Mitrousis

    George has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from Queen Mary, University of London. He’s been teaching Maths for over 7 years, building up students to excel in their exams. He currently teaches maths at an award-winning independent school where he’s in charge of maintaining its quality and momentum over all students for the subject.

  • 1
    What is Study Hat?


    Study Hat provides online video tutorials & revision resources tailored towards the Eleven Plus examination.

    1) An A-Z collection of video content covering all of Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths.

    2) Engaging and supportive revision resources.

    3) Access to exam style questions with real time correction and automated marking.

    Our content is student focused, therefore we’ve created a collection of engaging lessons and exam-style questions, direct to the student. All for a small fraction of the cost of a tutor.

  • 2
    What do the videos cover?


    Study Hat consists of over 150 videos, containing all the necessary topics that have frequently come up within the Eleven Plus in recent years. We’ve got an A-Z collection of video content that has been specially designed to cover all four subjects which include, Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths.

  • 3
    Does it work on my mobile or tablet?


    Yes, of course! Study Hat was designed for the sole purpose of being able to learn anytime, anywhere. Our resources are available to view on all Apple/Android devices, tablets, as well as on all current browsers on a Mac or a PC.

  • 4
    How much does it cost?


    Study Hat offers a complete A-Z collection tailored towards the Eleven Plus examination - all for a small fraction of the cost of a tutor. Check out our dedicated Pricing Page to see our packages in further details.

  • 5
    Are there any registration or cancellation fees?


    Nope! We have no added registration or cancellation fees. You can cancel your subscription with just two clicks from your Account Dashboard.